How to Choose a High-Quality Candle: Your Ultimate Guide

scented candle coconut soy wax

When it comes to selecting a high-quality candle, several essential elements set the standard.  The type of wax is fundamental as the wax should be eco-friendly and sustainable options like soy and coconut waxes. These natural waxes are celebrated for their clean burning properties and minimal environmental impact, contrasting sharply with paraffin wax, which can release harmful pollutants.

The wick is another critical component. Our candles feature natural fiber wicks, such as cotton or wood, free from any metal cores to ensure a safe and pure burn. The quality of fragrance is equally important. At Bean Candle Co., we use premium, non-toxic fragrance oils(phthalate free) and essential oils that infuse your space with pleasant, enduring aromas without overwhelming it. These scents are carefully chosen to enrich the ambiance of any room.

We also consider the functionality and aesthetics of our candle containers. Made from materials that can withstand the heat and complement your decor, our containers ensure the longevity and safety of the candle, while also enhancing its overall appeal. Moreover, the design of the container facilitates an even melt pool, preventing wax tunneling and ensuring efficient use of the candle.

Lastly, the burn time and cleanliness of the burn are telltale signs of candle quality. Our candles are designed to burn longer and cleaner, offering both value and performance. By adhering to these high standards—sustainable wax, quality wicks, exceptional fragrances, robust containers, and superior burning properties ensures that each candle not only elevates your living space but also upholds our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Thank you for your support of our small business. If you are new to Bean Candle Co, we are a small, woman-owned business in Pittsburgh, PA and we appreciate each and every purchase.



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